Village Greenies History

The Village Greenies Cricket Club was formed in the Cayman Islands in April 1974 and presently has teams competing in both the first and second division of the Cayman Islands Cricket Association competition.

Originally known as the Carlsberg Cavaliers a rebranding occurred in 1978 and the Village Greenies emerged, a Greenie being the nick name for a bottled Heineken beer.

Given that the Club has predominantly always been an expatriate Club, it has as a result always had a truly international flavour, with players from England, Australia, Jamaica, South Africa, New Zealand, Barbados, St. Kitts and the Cayman Islands, that has enabled the Club to compete with distinction over such a long period of time.

One of the great traditions of the Club is touring and playing cricket against teams from all over the world. The Club's most recent tour was to compete in a 6-a-side tournament in Sarasota, Florida, in November 2011 where once again the players put up a fine performance to finish second  in the first  division competition. The Club has toured to various destinations including the United Kingdom, Philadelphia, Zimbabwe, Jamaica, Victoria, Vancouver, Toronto, Houston and the Far East. Touring squads typically consist of repatriated old friends of the Greenies and invitation players, including such greats as Charlie Griffith, Justin Langer, Mike Whitney, David Capel, Rob Bailey, and the late David Bairstow .

While the Greenies always give their best, we are big believers in playing by the spirit of the game before worrying about winning. Some might argue this approach to the game has developed solely as a result of a very poor win/loss record. In our defense we have been league champions in both divisions in the Caymans, winners of the MCC (Houston) six a side tournament and runners up too many time in the Sarasota sixes.

Old and new members alike, we always look forward with great enthusiasm to our games whether at home or on tour and getting stuck into a few greenies or pints of bitter with the lads after the games is more than any Greenie can ask for!

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