Village Greenies - Kwik Cricket

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Kwik Cricket is a simple game for all boys and girls from five years of age upwards.
The emphasis of Village Greenies Kwik Cricket should always be on participation and enjoyment. In practice any number of children can play, from 2 to 32. Simply adapt the game to your own particular environment in terms of time available and numbers playing. Kwik Cricket equipment is made from high-quality moulded plastic. It is light enough for small hands yet extremely tough and hard wearing.

The 2015 Kwik Cricket schedule will start on Saturday 25th April at 8:30 at the CPHS Primary School playing field

Well done to all the children who earned their Bronze Skill Award.

Guy de Basto
Freddie Marsh
Lily Marsh
Lily McGrath
Patrick McGrath
Barnaby Robinson
Digby Robinson
James Rees
... Matthew Rees
Jamie Livingston
Will Livingston
Finn Livingston
Kudzzy Kent-Yotamu
Danny Kish
Lachlan Cowdroy
Luke McFarlane
Dylan Rossiter
Zack Brooks
Matthew Hanson
Zach Jackson
Jay Jackson
Matthew Bodden
Alexander Bodden
Harry Milne
Thomas Milne

Huge thanks to all of the parents who have been assisting us in each of the sessions.